An audio-visual experience that interacts with the passerby

SAV was hired as a consultant to install specialized AV equipment in the new Montana State University parking garage, working with a team from MSU, including the Dean of the College of Arts & Architecture, Royce Smith, to turn an art installation vision into reality. From garage audio that changes sound effects whenever someone presses their car’s key fob and stairwell displays with custom sound bars that will screen student and faculty short films to iPads displaying details about the art seen throughout the garage, technology is proving to be much more than just watching a movie or listening to music. It’s also an audio-visual experience that interacts with visitors and showcases MSU’s commitment to innovation. 

“The parking garage will be an engaging showcase of our College’s and MSU’s creative mission. We’ll reach prospective students with our message from the moment they exit their vehicles and illustrate how unique the land-grant university experience can be!"
— Royce Smith, Dean of the College of Arts & Architecture, Montana State University

During the design phase, SAV researched, tested, and demonstrated a proof of concept showing the possibilities, using software defined radio to monitor specific radio frequencies, remotely manageable. MSU wanted to be able to choose between having the same audio play though all of the speakers, or to have each sound bar play from its own dedicated source. The unique challenge here was that there wasn't any active control UI for the system. The displays are programmed to turn on in the morning and off at night. To solve this, SAV's design team came up with a solution – Biamp Tesiraforte AI DSP. This is programmed to default to the audio on input 1 if there is no signal to another, so the switching is completely automated.