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We are excited to announce an important new alliance in our industry: The Guild. The Guild represents the best of luxury residential A/V, Lighting and Technology Integration firms in the United States.

With over 12,000 companies who operate in our niche industry across the country, you'll find a wide spectrum of skill and service: from great to poor quality. But there are companies whose work truly stands above the rest, and The Guild has set out to find them. Through rigorous review, region by region across the country, a very select group of companies have met their impeccably high standards.

SAV is beyond proud to be on this list and become a Guild member.

By shining a bright light on stand-out companies like ours, The Guild is ushering in a new era of luxury-level standardization to technology integration projects from coast to coast. Meaning: once you’ve worked with a Guild member firm, you will be able to confidently engage any other, in a different location and expect the same level of creativity, care and execution on any type of project large or small.

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SAV Awarded Home of the Year

Photos ©William Abranowicz

Hidden Magic

In addition to the architecture and interior design, the cutting-edge digital component of the home contributed to its winning status—many amenities are invisible when you enter the home, which helps create the home’s tranquility. SAV worked with WRJ Design from the beginning of this project to provide lighting control, automated window treatments and AV throughout the home, amongst more.

“This home took dedication and devotion to precision at every level from the entire team. Working with the iconic vision of WRJ on this project was a delight for us. We have become adept at weaving technology into homes while retaining design aesthetics, the marriage of the two, and that’s where technology and design align to maximize efficiency, convenience, and enhanced levels of comfort for our clients.” – Cory Reistad, SAV Digital Environments

Cory shares a behind-the-scenes look at technological components in the home:

Flush details: To eliminate bulky components and preserve the aesthetics of the home, such as wall outlets and switches, SAV used a trimless and flush mounting solution throughout for wiring devices and automated controls such as lighting and shades.

Automated shades & drapes: Electronically controlled and hidden within pockets, or recessed into the window casement when up, SAV integrated shading solutions that a create a seamless appearance throughout as well as automated drapery that opens and closes with a simple push of a button.

Invisible speakers: SAV installed invisible speakers in the walls and then finished over them with the surrounding surface to deliver ambient music that emanates throughout the space with no visual footprint. It’s almost as if the walls become the speakers themselves.

Lighting control: SAV knows that lighting has a significant impact on not only the aesthetics of any given space, but the occupants as well. In order to achieve enhanced levels of comfort, they added high-performance lighting and control throughout the home for smooth and continuous dimming. Not only does this approach save energy, it helps maintain a visual quality for the occupants without compromising the building’s electrical infrastructure.

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