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SAV: Giving Back in 2017

Photo: BYEP Bingo Night Fundraising Event.

SAV was incredibly proud to have been part of some incredible charities in 2017, from donations and equipment use to volunteering, and we look forward to continuing to giving back in 2018! Here are some of the amazing organizations and charities with whom we have partnered:

Big Sky Community Organization is a non-profit in Big Sky that manages 83 acres of public lands. They aim to create trails, public spaces, and positive experiences for all in our great state.

Big Sky Youth Empowerment (BYEP) provides opportunities for local teens to foster self-reliance, interpersonal skills, decision making, and critical thinking skills, all while getting involved in the Gallatin community.

Bozeman Cancer Center provides compassionate, comprehensive cancer care without having to travel for treatment. Fighting cancer is a major hurdle in any individual's life, so the opportunity to receive treatment in one's hometown while being able to be with friends and family is invaluable to the healing and recovery process.

Bridgercare provides comprehensive and affordable reproductive and sexual healthcare while educating individuals about these oftentimes sensitive topics in a safe, supportive, and empowering environment.

Warriors on Quiet Waters aims to create a generation of combat veterans that is able to reintegrate into society while coping with the negative repercussions that accompany war and combat. The quiet, calm rivers of Montana are the ideal venue to spark positive change in our veterans.

Yellowstone Club Community Foundation partners with the Big Sky and Gallatin communities to promote education, arts and culture, healthcare, conservation, and community service.

The Plaster House offers high love, low cost surgical rehabilitation for disabled children in Tanzania and believe that no child in Tanzania should live with a treatable disability.

Realize Hope brings hope and inspiration to those who face or have a loved one facing mental illness and addiction.