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Successful businesses are built on solid foundations, and solid foundations rely on state of the art technology and infrastructure. Our commercial technology expertise, capabilities, and years of experience will provide the speed, strength, and stability that businesses require and employees or customers demand.

For any business, cutting-edge technology helps facilitate not only a compelling environment, but a comfortable environment. From retail, restaurants, and corporate offices, to hotels, healthcare, and education, our integrations will improve communication and productivity, streamline collaboration, and above all, create an enhanced level of comfort and overall experience within your space. Let us help your environment work smarter, not harder.



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A Safe Environment for Patients, Staff, and Visitors

137 IP cameras, 3 commercial servers, client PC’s, fiber optic cable and PoE switches.


According to the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) the healthcare industry was the largest employer in the world as of 2004 with over 13.5 million people employed. Additionally, every person in the civilized world will enter a health care facility on numerous occasions in just a typical year.

"Healthcare security departments create a sense of security so that patients and visitors find the facility to be open and inviting and choose it for their healthcare. As well, security focuses on the needs and concerns of workers so the workforce finds the institution to be an employer/workplace of choice." – Source IAHSS fact sheet

With so many people involved in this industry (patients, health care providers, employees), it's important that a surveillance solution be powerful and yet easy to use for the masses. The exacqVision video management system takes advantage of today's state-of-the art, high definition megapixel network cameras to reveal stunning detail. In addition, exacqVision incorporates video from existing analog cameras—all in one place (i.e. a single exacqVision server).

Multiple servers can be accessed simultaneously from the free client software, available for Windows, Macintosh or Linux based computers. The client software is instantly familiar. Users with minimal computer experience can typically view live video and recorded video with little to no training. Furthermore, specific audio and video can be exported to a CD or DVD with the push of a single button or mouse click via the exacqRecall feature.

SAV, provided complete design and installation services of the exacqVision VMS software, IP cameras, switches and servers for the Montana State Hospital.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 1.35.22 PM.png

exacqVision video management software (VMS) was installed to help Montana State Hospital’s staff monitor patient behavior and to provide a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors. exacqVision was installed on three industry standard server that manage a total of 135 IP cameras located throughout the Main hospital facility and the Sprat building to provide an orderly environment in which all patients have an opportunity to realize their potential. The exacqVision client software is installed on a PC in the Administration building and on six (6) nurse stations located through each wing of the hospital. When an incident is reported the staff will search for the video recorded on the server to investigate and support their findings. Video can be easily exported to a DVD or USB flash.

Software Configuration:

  • exacqVision client & server software

  • Microsoft XP Pro

Hardware Configuration:

  • 3 Commercial Servers

  • 137 IP Cameras (13 ACTi ACM7411 outdoor, 26 ACTi ACM741 indoor and 96 Vivotek MD7560)

  • Hospital buildings are connected with fiber optic cable and PoE switches

  • Client PC’s

Purpose/Benefits of the system:

  • Keep patient, staff & visitors safe

  • Identify behavior or cause of incident

  • Ensure public trust through personal and professional integrity

  • Treat people with respect, trust, and dignity

"The Montana State Hospital staff is ecstatic about the new security monitoring system. It has made patient care much more efficient and brings peace of mind to the administrators of the facility." – SAV Digital Environments, Director of Security

A superb example of one of our commercial projects: the largest private hangar in the state.

After installing high-level security and video surveillance, facial recognition and motion tracking, and the strongest most technologically advanced controlled access entry points, including 360° field of view cameras and pan-tilt-zooms, strategic AV solutions throughout including a VoIP conference room, and fully networking from head to toe, SAV then shifted focus to the sky, once again installing top notch security, uninterrupted connectivity, and media entertainment within a client's private jet.

The Modern Workplace: Conference Rooms

Within the Commercial Division at SAV lies smart conference rooms. Having the right conference room will boost productivity, collaboration, comfort and so much more. How often do you participate in a meeting and have a difficult time hearing people on the line, video conferencing lags or won’t even connect, it takes 10 minutes to get your presentation up on the display, you're frustrated by a mess of cords, traffic going by is distracting, there’s a ceiling light shining right in your face, or the climate is too cold or too hot?

SAV will provide the personal, experienced, touch needed to improve interactions between not only meeting-goers, but people and the environment too. Removing time-wasting barriers in conference rooms is essential to efficient meetings and we're here to help create a comfortable, intelligent environment and make it easy to connect instantly, share content seamlessly, and streamline meetings without interruption.

From 4k digital media control and display tiling, instant wireless connectivity, and room-filled clean and clear audio to lighting dimmed to perfect levels of comfort, efficient and convenient climate control, and automated shades for not only privacy but to reduce distractions, we’re here to create stress-free, consistent, positive experiences in the modern workplace with reliable technology that works for you, not that other way around.

Remote Monitoring & Management powers premium client service programs for SAV Digital Environments


Remote monitoring and management (RMM), also known as network management or remote monitoring software, is a type of software designed to help managed IT service providers remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks and computers. This is also now known as or referred to as remote IT management.

Clark Roundy, CEO of Domotz, a leading provider of network monitoring and remote tech support systems for integration companies and IT professionals, recently sat down with SAV’s Director of Client Service and had a one-on-one conversation about how and why SAV integrates RMM into their systems:

Clark Roundy: How does SAV use RMM to improve your business?

SAV: Given the nature and complexity of the technology and systems we install in clients’ homes and businesses, inevitably something is going to fail and need to be reset or restarted. RMM helps the team at SAV get ahead of those kinds of problems. RMM allows us to take a far more proactive approach to servicing our clients. If all goes well, we can remedy a problem before the client realizes there was a problem.

CR: Can you share any specific examples or cost savings data related to how RMM has helped improve your operational efficiencies?

SAV: We all know it’s inconvenient when equipment stops working. But, how about when it’s the client’s lighting processor? This is an actual scenario we recently faced. Normally, that would create a full-blown panic situation. We would pull a tech off another project, drop everything and drive there immediately. Unnecessary truck-rolls cost real money and valuable time. Fortunately, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Once we received a notice from our RMM system that the client’s lighting system had gone offline, we could immediately address the problem – remotely, from our office. Right from my desk, I was able to see what processor was down, power-cycle it, and within five minutes I had the client’s lighting back online and working. Our customer was especially happy because nobody had to visit them and the problem was resolved in minutes, not hours.

CR: Clearly, RMM helps SAV solve problems more efficiently. But, how does it help improve the relationship with your clients?

SAV: By being ahead of the service curve rather than behind it. We can identify and fix a problem immediately right from the office chair without the client having to wait for an opening. Our approach isn’t just about delivering service. It’s also about delivering convenience and peace-of-mind to our clients.

CR: Even with RMM, you undoubtedly still need to roll a truck sometimes. Does RMM provide any benefit in those scenarios?

SAV: Yes, even in those cases, our team and clients can often still benefit from RMM. RMM gives us the ability to provide the in-field tech more information, so they arrive onsite better prepared and can be more targeted on where to start troubleshooting, rather than just shooting in the dark.

CR: You guys certainly have built a nice business around RMM. What advice would you give to your fellow integrators who might be on the fence about whether or not to adopt RMM as part of a customer service program?

SAV: Do it. Service is absolutely where the future of our industry resides. Now is the time to start setting your company apart from the ‘other guys’. If you don’t do it now, someone else will.


Clark Roundy – I couldn’t have said it better myself. Ultimately, RMM is just a tool, but it’s a tool everybody should be using to their advantage – to be more efficient and to deliver an unprecedented level of service to your customers.

Clark is a 25-year technology industry veteran with a broad range of sales, marketing and executive management experience. Prior to joining Domotz, he served as VP of Marketing and Product Management at Luxul Wireless.

Western Home Journal


SAV Digital Environments is dedicated to finding and vetting not only the smartest and the best technologies, but technologies that almost seem invisible. Many technologies can seem intimidating, unwieldy, and brazen; Cory seeks products that are subtle, intuitive, and behind-the-scenes. SAV’s expert team designs and installs digital systems that co-exist and complement people’s day-to-day existence. After all, even in this digital world, we still want a human touch.

“Our discerning clients and partners are looking for two things in their digital environment: simplicity and elegance.” – Cory Reistad, Owner, SAV Digital Environments

What services do you offer?
SAV is a comprehensive, process-driven firm that offers design and installation services for audio/video systems, home cinema, lighting and shade control, network and IT connectivity, security and surveillance, energy monitoring solutions and more.

What geographic areas do you service? 
Our main regions are Bozeman and Big Sky, MT, as well as Jackson, WY. However, we have been known to serve various other locations, most within a 100–200 mile perimeter to our main regions.

What do you offer that is unique?
We offer unyielding commitment to client service. Very early in the business, I learned that establishing a commitment to our clients’ needs is our most important job. That is why SAV has dedicated an entire division of the company to focus on our clients’ systems after they have been installed.

What project are you most excited about right now?
Though we get excited about all of the work we do, right now our commercial security division is our most exciting. We are seeing increased demand for asset protection. Advancements in facial recognition and artificial intelligence related to human behavior are absolutely astonishing.

Describe your process and how you work with clients.
Our work with our clients generally starts early in the design phase of the project. Because the end goal is to incorporate technology into the home in such a way that it blends into the architectural environment, it’s necessary to incorporate those details and collaborate with the owner in order to succeed. Once the design is complete, we work closely with the general contractor, interior designer, and other trades to deliver a seamless system.

What are some of the tricks of the trade? 
In the wake of ever-changing technology, I’d advise to be patient with innovative products and make sure they are properly vetted before placing them in clients’ homes. With our commitment to simplicity and usability, it is vital that we do not use our clients’ homes as technology test beds.

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