Collaboration & Team Work Result in Optimal Outcomes

From technology specialists and project managers to design engineering and client services, cross-functional team collaboration and team work is of the utmost importance at SAV Digital Environments, in turn helping to produce the most successful project outcomes. We greatly value this and enjoy spending time together visiting complete as well as in-progress projects as one team, witnessing not only our work come to life but seeing first-hand the results of our collaborations. 

“Primarily used as a platform to bring all of our departments together to see real results of all of the hard work we're putting in, individually and as a team, it is necessary to make sure we are putting out the best product possible and that each project, unique in their own right, receive just that." — Mike Rossmiller, Director of Operations, SAV Digital Environments

These "SAV on-site visits" are also a great reminder that behind every project there is a client, and our number one focus is the client... to deliver optimal results to each no matter the size or individuality of each. It is an intimate privilege that we're able to visit our client homes, during and after, discussing details of each unique environment we work on and what we can do to further better ourselves.

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Summer Home Automation Trends

Summer is around the corner which means the kids are out of school and the temperature heating up. The kids are involved in activities to keep them busy while you go to work. You may have a few family vacation trips scheduled.

Summer can sometimes be as chaotic as the rest of the year, which means that home automation can come in handy in making your family’s life easier.

If you’re a techie who’s into the latest and greatest home automation technology, here are some summer home automation trends to be on the lookout for:

Climate Control and Efficiency

Power and electric bills can skyrocket during the heat of the summer as you’re A/C works overtime to keep your home cool and comfortable. Besides setting the thermostat to an energy-saving 62 degrees during the day when no one’s home and warming up to a comfortable 70 during the chilly nights, home automation such as those installed by SAV can now do much more, making your home comfortable, while making it more energy efficient.

Some home automation systems can sense movement in different rooms. When someone leaves a room, the lights are turned off and the A/C is shut off. Similarly, there are systems where your home can prepare itself for your arrival home after a long day at work, turning on lights, opening up the blinds and shades and adjusting the inside temperature to your preference. In the morning, tiles in the bathroom heat up to take away that cold shock in the morning.

The most sophisticated systems can even show you your family’s energy consumption for the day, week, month or year including your carbon footprint and how much your family’s energy consumption is compared to the national average.

Home Security

Home security was one of the features that brought home automation onto the map. Many home automation security systems utilize an app such as Apple’s Control4 My House, whereby you can lock or unlock your home, view activity in and around your home via live video feeds and get alerts of unusual activity all remotely.

More sophisticated home automation products can be customizable and  allow you to set timers during the day whereby the home is unlocked. This is handy for when you have children coming home from school or sports practice or when the housecleaner or gardeners arrive.  These systems are especially useful for when your family is away on vacation.

Home security systems now can even save lives. Certain systems can be inserted into the flooring of the home and can recognize and detect the footsteps of the inhabitants. These foot-sensing systems can also send alerts when an irregularity in the person’s gait is detected or when there is less than normal movement or activity in the home, making these systems great for those with elderly parents living alone or with the family.

Home Theater

During the summer, trips to the pool will become routine. However, one can only be at the pool for so long  and it likely isn’t possible to go to the pool every day. It can be hard to keep children occupied and cool during the summer.

The long dog-days of summer are a great time to escape to a cool  movie theater. Even then, you can’t go see a movie every day. Movies are time-consuming and can be expensive.

With home theater technology continually advancing, watching movies in the comfort of your own home is getting closer to rivaling that of a movie theater.

Watching movies at home on a home theater can keep your kids occupied, safe and comfortable during those days when you go to work.

Home theaters are more than fancy, large TVs with excellent 4K technology. Home theater systems such as the Kaleidescape’s Terra Movie Server, can save and store thousands of your favorite movies to the cloud, making the need of keeping all those DVDs unnecessary. The system also provides movie recommendations and has parental controls, enabling you to block certain content, such as movies that are rated R or PG-13.

Lights, sound, temperature control and TV/screen projection can be controlled with a touch of a remote.

A lot has happened in home automation regarding climate control, home security and home theater. These components come in handy especially during the hot, lazy days of summer when kids aren’t in school and you take a vacation or two.

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An audio-visual experience that interacts with the passerby

SAV was hired as a consultant to install specialized AV equipment in the new Montana State University parking garage, working with a team from MSU, including the Dean of the College of Arts & Architecture, Royce Smith, to turn an art installation vision into reality. From garage audio that changes sound effects whenever someone presses their car’s key fob and stairwell displays with custom sound bars that will screen student and faculty short films to iPads displaying details about the art seen throughout the garage, technology is proving to be much more than just watching a movie or listening to music. It’s also an audio-visual experience that interacts with visitors and showcases MSU’s commitment to innovation. 

“The parking garage will be an engaging showcase of our College’s and MSU’s creative mission. We’ll reach prospective students with our message from the moment they exit their vehicles and illustrate how unique the land-grant university experience can be!"
— Royce Smith, Dean of the College of Arts & Architecture, Montana State University

During the design phase, SAV researched, tested, and demonstrated a proof of concept showing the possibilities, using software defined radio to monitor specific radio frequencies, remotely manageable. MSU wanted to be able to choose between having the same audio play though all of the speakers, or to have each sound bar play from its own dedicated source. The unique challenge here was that there wasn't any active control UI for the system. The displays are programmed to turn on in the morning and off at night. To solve this, SAV's design team came up with a solution – Biamp Tesiraforte AI DSP. This is programmed to default to the audio on input 1 if there is no signal to another, so the switching is completely automated.

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Case Study: Seamless Mountain Smart Home Installation Project

D-Tools helps Montana integrator SAV manage a mountain smart home installation seamlessly, from design to post-install service

What if you could reduce design time on even the most complicated smart home projects, increase efficiency, and scale your integration firm knowing you had the tools in place to accommodate rapid growth? Montana-based custom integration firm SAV Digital Environments – previously known as Studio AV – with offices in Bozeman and Big Sky, did just that by adopting D-Tools in 2016. A relative newcomer to the System Integrator software platform, SAV is already reporting a 75 percent reduction in design time, and the ability to tackle much larger projects with ease.

“We were forecasting a large increase in work over the next year and beyond, including projects that were bigger than any we had ever done before,” says SAV Technical Director Ben Williams. “To succeed, we needed a solution to centralize the design process. This solution needed to fit everything from a small standalone media room to a $2m+ system.”

Technological Magic in the Mountains

SAV had the opportunity to stretch their capabilities and their expertise on the D-Tools platform with a multi-year project to design and install smart home systems in a 10,000-square-foot modern residence in Big Sky, Montana. SAV’s higher-end projects can cost an upwards of half a million dollars or more on their custom integration homes. The D-Tools platform makes it easier to manage all the moving parts of such a project more efficiently, saving time and reducing costs for the integrator.

A technological masterpiece tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, the house combines modern décor with technology that virtually disappears within the exquisite, yet rustic, architecture.

Before implementing the D-Tools platform, SAV created parts and labor line items directly in QuickBooks estimates and used independent programs and parallel databases for other design documentation. On a project this size, the integration firm would have wasted days — and risked errors — transferring information. “Creating estimates through D-Tools wizard drastically reduces the potential for human error,” says Williams.

Just as important, D-Tools enabled SAV to deliver a professionally produced proposal that painted a clear vision of the smart home systems and the lifestyle they would help create for the homeowner.

When the home’s residents aren’t hitting the ski trails or enjoying the community’s many amenities, they have plenty of entertainment options right at home. For SAV, meeting the client’s needs meant providing full network infrastructure across the property using BlueBOLT networking and a Ruckus wireless system, along with distributed AV, a private home theater, pool and spa, and a custom Lutron lighting and shading system, all controlled via Savant. The house also includes fully integrated life safety and surveillance equipment for the owner’s peace-of-mind.

“D-Tools was central to the project, from creating the preliminary design to tracking extensive change orders over the multi-year process, to creating and maintaining accurate IO documentation,” says Williams.
Likewise, D-Tools helps SAV eliminate redundancies to save time on every project, from design and installation through service. “We use the product database to manage information about each product, such as dimensions, weight, power consumption, heat dissipation, along with cost, price, and labor. When we need information about something on the job, D-Tools is the place to look,” he asserts.

Tracking Large-scale Designs and Multiple Change Orders with Ease

The ability to track every input/output, audio/video zone, and rack elevation change during the design process and also after the fact were crucial to a successful installation at Big Sky. The project includes 32 audio zones with 15 separate audio sources and eight video locations each with its own source. “By linking our Visio drawing schematics to the D-Tools project, we cut the time required to draw a full IO diagram by 75 percent,” explains Williams.

Not only did this save time at the beginning of the project, but it enabled SAV to process and track change orders easily. “By tracking change orders through project revisions, we can not only preserve a record of the history of the project but also have an always up-to-date working copy that lists exactly what we need for the whole job,” he says. “If documentation ever gets messed up or lost, D-Tools is the way we correct it. If changes need to be made after an IO schematic and rack elevation have been drawn, the link between D-Tools parts and the Visio shapes feature guarantees that all documents are consistent with each other.”

Hiding the Technology

As with most new construction projects, the Big Sky installation involved many change orders as the SAV team worked with the architect to hide the technology – sometimes blending the AV components with the home’s design, and other times, hiding them completely.

For instance, SAV chose small aperture Sonance DOS speakers and subwoofers for distributed audio within the home. The pool, hot tub, and sauna areas use exterior-rated Sonance speakers. Specific rooms called for Sonance Invisible Series speakers installed behind the drywall, creating ambient music that emanates from the surroundings with no technology visible.

Even the video screen in the family room disappears from view, thanks to a Future Automation Split Panel System. Chosen because it is both quiet and reliable, Williams says, “This lift is designed to reveal a hidden 75-inch TV screen, by moving a panel and filling its place with a TV, while keeping the surface of the wall completely flush.”

Glass and wood dominate the design in this spacious mountain home, which created both acoustic and ambient light challenges in the space. To darken the primary living area, providing privacy and optimal media viewing conditions, SAV specified what Williams calls “the largest curtain track we’ve ever installed.” Built by Bradley Collections, the track is approximately 38 feet long and 15 feet tall, featuring custom-designed curtains and integrated with the Lutron lighting system for control from the same keypad that controls the lights.

D-Tools Helps SAV Design a Dedicated Home Theater

While the family room TV is used for streaming Netflix and central sources such as DirectTV, Apple TV, and an Oppo Blue-ray player, the home’s residents often gather in the dedicated 10-seat home theater when they want a true cinema experience, which is delivered by a Sony VPL-VW675ES projector and Da-Lite custom 129-inch drop down screen.

SAV selected a Meyer Sound UP-4XP speaker and JBL S4S subwoofers in a 5.1 surround sound configuration for the space, hiding the front speakers with an acoustically transparent fabric from Gilford & Main.

The theater has been through several revisions, and the final design, as it stands, came as a change-order months after the original contract. “D-Tools allowed us to make extensive and continuous changes as the project was in progress without having to worry about details falling through the cracks,” says Williams.

D-Tools Aids in Security System Design

Security and surveillance are important, yet sometimes forgotten, aspects of a smart home installation. Especially in the case of multi-acre luxury estates, the ability to expertly design and integrate home security and other life safety systems provides an additional revenue stream for the integrator and puts the integration firm at the center of all the home’s technology systems. The ability to design and track network infrastructure, security and surveillance systems in D-Tools gives SAV an advantage on large-scale projects like the Big Sky home.

SAV specified and installed Axis cameras across the property, which Williams says are “high-quality and hardy enough to withstand the mountain weather of Big Sky.”

He adds, “The internal cameras are low profile, which allows them to remain mostly unseen. Especially in a discreet, modern home, what we want to accomplish is to have a fully functional system that doesn’t detract from the aesthetic of the home – which we were able to accomplish successfully.”

The home’s life safety and security systems alert local authorities not just in the case of an intruder or fire, but also floods. Bosch smoke detectors are recessed so the ceiling-to-floor door doesn’t run into them when opened, and water sensors in the toe kicks provide flood detection for not just a single location, but the surrounding area.

D-Tools and Domotz Integration Simplifies Ongoing Service

Even after the installation is complete, a home of this size and stature requires ongoing service after the sale to maintain SAV’s stellar reputation as a smart home integrator of choice in the Big Sky / Bozeman region.

SAV uses Domotz for ongoing remote network monitoring and management. “As an early adopter of Domotz, we quickly realized the boundless capabilities this device has to remotely monitor and manage issues that may arise within our customers’ environments – often before they ever know they have a problem,” says Jake Tomlinson, SAV Systems Designer.

From Sales to Service, D-Tools Streamlines Processes for Increased Efficiency and Profitability

The recent D-Tools / Domotz integration enables D-Tools to take custom integration firms like SAV through a complete cycle, from sales to service, providing an outstanding experience for their customers.

Like many D-Tools users, Williams is hard-pressed to put an exact number on the positive impact the System Integrator platform has had on the company’s business. “It is difficult to quantify the effect D-Tools has had on SAV,” he says.

Regardless of the size of the project, D-Tools helps create an efficient, repeatable process that enables SAV to grow profitably. “The type of work we do is awesome, but it’s only awesome if it all works perfectly. To achieve that, we use D-Tools,” Williams concludes.

Additional information on the D-Tools SI platform can be obtained by signing up for a free personal tour by visiting or a free 30-day trial, which can be downloaded by visiting

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Automating Your Home Theater

Installing a home theater is a big undertaking that results in many years of family enjoyment. It can be daunting on where to start. You need the space, design the space and get furniture and equipment to make your home theater a reality.

Home theater technology has greatly improved over the last few years as has become more accessible and convenient to watch blockbuster movies in the comfort of one’s home. Some of this home theater technology includes automation.

Home automation has been around for years and more homeowners are opting for converting their homes into smart homes where everything from lighting control, shades and blinds, temperature control and home security are all controlled automatically with a simple press of a button on a smartphone. And home automation can now be used for your home theater, giving you and your family an enhanced, stress-free movie viewing experience.

How Automation Enhances Your Home Theater

Temperature and Climate Control
Home automation controls the temperature inside your home, making it comfortable and more energy efficient. Many home automation climate control systems can be controlled using a remote so you don’t have to make your way to the thermostat.

Have you gone to a commercial movie theater and got chilled from the air conditioning? Many movie theaters crank their AC up meaning that for some movie patrons, a sweater is essential for a pleasant movie experience. At home with temperature and climate control automation, you can keep your home (and home theater) at the ideal temperature for you and your family. You can now enjoy a family movie night without needing to wear a sweater or jacket.

Lighting Control
The ability of controlling the lighting in your home offers convenience, and enhanced home security and electrical efficiency.

In movie theaters, properly-timed lighting is crucial. Lights are needed before and after the movie to allow guests to navigate their way out of the theater. It is also crucial the lights are turned out during the movie to make the experience enjoyable and captivating. With a home theater that is controlled by automated lighting, you can brighten and dim the lights with a simple press of the button on a remote or even have the lights go on and off automatically.

Surround Sound Control
Speakers are an important component of a home theater system. Having high-quality speakers strategically placed and tuned properly will give you and your family the feeling of being in the movie.

Setting up speakers, however, can be tricky, especially if you have many. High-quality speakers with more complex settings and abilities are ideal for a home theater. Setting these up properly and fully using them correctly and fully taking advantage of all they have to offer can be frustrating to figure out.

With an automated home theater system, the technologically advanced components can be easily set up and the settings saved so all you need to do is simply press a button or two on a remote and the speakers will work properly in sync with each other every time, giving you that ideal surround sound.

Projector and Ultra 4K TV
Being able to visually see the movie on the screen is what a movie is all about. Not just any screen will do. People spend money to see movies on big screens. Large screens make for better picture quality which enhances the viewing experience.

With the increased popularity of home theaters, TVs, projectors and movie players get more and more technologically sophisticated. The large screen, bulky TVs of the past with the equally bulky DVD player are no longer good enough. Large, flat-screen TVs with 4K ultra HD picture quality, with small wireless movie players such as Kaleidescape’s Strato Movie Player, are now the new home theater standard.

With the advancement in technology, one can play movies from their nearly limitless online cloud movie storage. No more unsightly racks of DVD movie cases. The new way of watching movies online allows people to watch their favorite movie wherever with superb image quality.

Home theater TVs can play your favorite movie automatically by being downloaded from Internet or cloud storage. With a few clicks of your TV remote, you can watch and record your favorite TV shows, watch YouTube videos and enjoy a family movie night.

For those with large home theaters that can accommodate a movie screen and projector, you’d be happy to know that home automation can make setting up the projector and the automatic opening up and turning up the screen quick, easily and convenient. A few buttons on a remote enables you to automatically play and stop the projector as well as roll up and down the blank movie screen.

A home automated home theater will not only give you and your family unforgettable movie nights, but also carries additional benefits including increasing your home’s resale value, additional level of security, and make your home the ultimate entertainment spot on the block.

Whether it’s your first attempt at a home theater or you’ve moved into a new home and would like to install another home theater, using home automation will enhance the home movie viewing experience and remove the stress and frustration of equipment not working properly or being ill-timed.

At SAV Digital Environments, our team of experts can design, install, and manage home automated lighting, speakers, AV, climate control, and automated blinds in your home theater and throughout the rest of your house to give your family the perfect, enhanced movie viewing experience. Contact us today to schedule an installation or to get a quote.

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Before & After

Packing much into this hi-end smart home, it takes advantage of the latest in IP distribution with centralized sources and local control. From smart devices to enhanced wall plates, SAV fully automated this home from head to toe, thoughtfully mounting 4k TV's throughout, including a SÉURA TV within the master bath mirror, in-ceiling audio in almost every room and sophisticated automated lighting and shade control, this space is a great example of design and technology seamlessly working together. ©Whitney Kamman Photography, Shelter Interiors & Bayliss Architects

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Tools of the Trade

At SAV's ongoing trainings, our technicians receive the opportunity to learn, and continue learning, how to use all of the different tools that we use every day in this trade. From terminating ends on all of the different types of cables out there, properly testing wires associated within our custom integrations, and learning what's old and what's new in our wire numbering system, to plans and procedures and so much more, technology progresses and so do we.

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High-End Ultra-Dense Sound

SAV is dedicated to finding and vetting the smartest and the best technologies out there, and we are excited about Devialet! Forget what you think you know. Far more than a connected speaker, plug and play Phantom to trigger an intense emotional experience. Encounter the physical impact of a high-end ultra-dense sound. Instantly. With power, clarity and precision unlike anything you’ve heard before. Revolutionary. Hi-Fi, docks, speakers, home cinema. Wireless, bluetooth, multi-room.

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Behind the Scenes at SAV

Whether it's only a few pieces of home technology equipment or dozens, our team of rack building experts are able to create centralized locations precisely built to not only keep your equipment stylish and organized, but safe and efficiently running.

As our projects near their finish lines, it's great watching our technicians dial in last minute details, bringing our clients environments to life.

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Home & Business Automation Solutions

As custom integrators, we are presented with challenges on a daily basis... and we love finding solutions. When it comes to home and business automation, performance and aesthetics are key factors in successful integrations.

From television pop-up and drop-down lifts, to projector concealment systems, solutions from partners like Nexus 21 allow us to break down the barriers of conventional design and room orientation. Put your technology in motion with the touch of a button using the quietest, most reliable lift mechanisms available.

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Home Water Security & Safety

Another custom integration offered by SAV that a lot of people may not know about; Home Water Security & Safety. Automatic water shut-off systems provide round-the-clock indoor flood protection and work with wired and wireless flood sensors, wall switches, and most home security and home automation systems.

Recently, we were not only able to capture a few photos of one of our technicians dialing some in a new build, we received an email from one of many delighted clients the other day whom was able to avoid a potential crisis due to the water monitoring system that we integrated into their home automation system:

Dan (SAV's Director of Security),
Just wanted to let you know that the drain line from the clothes washer came adrift the other night and was spilling water in the laundry. The sensors detected the water, sounded the alarm and closed the shut-off. Very nice, thank you! – Angela S.

We were delighted to hear and happy to have played a part this "crisis averted." To learn more about adding home water safety, or anything else we offer as part of our security, surveillance and life safety division, email Dan Flynn at

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Details Matter

SAV is dedicated to not only finding and vetting the smartest and the best technologies out there, but technologies that almost seem invisible. Here is a great example of performance, aesthetics, and life safety. 

Challenge: Our client has floor to ceiling doors that would hit anything protruding from the ceiling and they preferred having smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that wouldn't be eye sores.

Solution: The Bosch FCP-500 detector. Equipped with two optical sensors and a contamination sensor, they're modern, ultra-low profile, and ideal for high-end installations. These versatile detectors deliver advanced technology that practically eliminates unwanted or false alarms while their sleek flush-mounted styling means that they blend easily with any interior décor.

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SAV: Giving Back in 2017

Photo: BYEP Bingo Night Fundraising Event.

SAV was incredibly proud to have been part of some incredible charities in 2017, from donations and equipment use to volunteering, and we look forward to continuing to giving back in 2018! Here are some of the amazing organizations and charities with whom we have partnered:

Big Sky Community Organization is a non-profit in Big Sky that manages 83 acres of public lands. They aim to create trails, public spaces, and positive experiences for all in our great state.

Big Sky Youth Empowerment (BYEP) provides opportunities for local teens to foster self-reliance, interpersonal skills, decision making, and critical thinking skills, all while getting involved in the Gallatin community.

Bozeman Cancer Center provides compassionate, comprehensive cancer care without having to travel for treatment. Fighting cancer is a major hurdle in any individual's life, so the opportunity to receive treatment in one's hometown while being able to be with friends and family is invaluable to the healing and recovery process.

Bridgercare provides comprehensive and affordable reproductive and sexual healthcare while educating individuals about these oftentimes sensitive topics in a safe, supportive, and empowering environment.

Warriors on Quiet Waters aims to create a generation of combat veterans that is able to reintegrate into society while coping with the negative repercussions that accompany war and combat. The quiet, calm rivers of Montana are the ideal venue to spark positive change in our veterans.

Yellowstone Club Community Foundation partners with the Big Sky and Gallatin communities to promote education, arts and culture, healthcare, conservation, and community service.

The Plaster House offers high love, low cost surgical rehabilitation for disabled children in Tanzania and believe that no child in Tanzania should live with a treatable disability.

Realize Hope brings hope and inspiration to those who face or have a loved one facing mental illness and addiction.

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Best of Big Sky 2017

Published December 22, 2017

With more than 3,000 votes cast, locals and visitors recognized the restaurants, retailers, artists, architects, nonprofits, builders and bartenders that make this place we know and love tick. Some of our readers may be visiting from afar, and others might be lucky enough to have called Big Sky home for a decade or more, but we can all agree that this is a pretty special spot. Dig into the write-ups that follow as we celebrate the finest Big Sky has to offer.

"SAV is a newcomer to the Big Sky business scene but has history in the Bozeman area dating to 2004. Cory Reistad and his team offer the most cutting-edge technology and service for Big Sky homes. From AV systems and lighting to home controls and energy management, SAV is a welcome addition to the Big Sky landscape." – Explore Big Sky

We are humbled and excited to have taken 2nd place in Best of Big Sky 2017 "Best New Business." Thank you to everyone who voted for us and we look forward to continuing to help Big Sky grow.

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Montana's Largest Private Jet Center

A superb example of one of our commercial projects: the largest private hangar in the state, with some before and after shots of one of our project managers and technology specialists discussing final touches.

We not only networked this impressive jet center, we custom installed high-level security and video surveillance with access control throughout, including 360° field of view cameras in the hangars and pan-tilt-zooms on the exterior with full analytics and motion tracking. Strategic AV solutions were integrated throughout the reception, lounge and crew lounge, and we equipped them with a VoIP phone system and a conference room with client supplied video conferencing.

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2017 Parade of Homes People's Choice

SAV Digital Environments networked this gorgeous home by ST Custom Homes, fully automating it with Lutron Caséta Wireless solutions, Sonos throughout, media theater room with Revel surround and Sony 4k projector, 4k TVs around every corner, including an outdoor SunBrite, and more.

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SAV opens an office in Big Sky's Town Center

By Amanda Eggert
Published August 7, 2017

After 17 years of regular trips through Gallatin Canyon, SAV Digital Environments has set up shop here in Town Center, closer to the bulk of their Montana clientele.

SAV sets up integrated digital systems for homes and businesses. They design tailored audio and lighting systems, immersive video-viewing areas, and window treatments that can allow a pre-determined amount of natural light into a space. They also design climate control, security and surveillance systems.

At a July 28 ribbon cutting with the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce, Cory Reistad, president of SAV, said the new space in Big Sky makes sense.

“We’ve been in Bozeman for 17 years and we’ve been serving this community almost exclusively,” Reistad said, adding that SAV has new employees living in Big Sky. “[We wanted] to be at the forefront of the growth here.”

They’ll be joined in that space by Energy 1, an 8-year-old renewable energy solutions firm.

Energy 1 owner and co-founder Leo Crane said opening a space in Big Sky with SAV makes sense given that they’re both in the design/build industry and have many overlapping clients.

“We crossed paths enough on past projects that this was a very natural fit for us to have a space up here,” Crane said. Both SAV and Energy 1 also keep offices in Bozeman and Jackson, Wyoming.

Energy 1 works on mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects with a focus on renewable energy. They design solar and solar-electric systems for clients, as well as high-efficiency heating and cooling using smart thermostats and geothermal technology.

Crane said the bulk of Energy 1’s business in Big Sky focuses on geothermal systems, which take advantage of the more consistent temperature of the earth underneath a building for heating, cooling and hot water. But they also work on installations like oxygen enrichment to help people coming from lower altitudes acclimate to Big Sky’s elevation.

Crane added that Energy 1 is the only company in the state of Montana that has partnered with electric automaker and solar panel manufacturer Tesla on their charging stations. “That’s an exciting part of our business that we’ll be able to offer Montana clients—Tesla products,” he said.