A comprehensive, process driven integration firm.


What we do

SAV Digital Environments designs, manages & installs high-end Home & Business Automation Solutions: Audio-Video Systems, Home Theater & Entertainment, Lighting Control, Shades & Blinds, Security & Surveillance, Life Safety, Networking & IT, Climate Control & Energy Management & more, all backed by our 24/7 reliable customer service.  


Comprised of the industry’s top designers and consultants, we bring connectivity and efficiency to your home or business, designing reliable and intelligent solutions to simplify your life.

Who we are


Audio / Music

You don’t just hear the music, you feel it! Enjoy your favorite music in one room or throughout your entire space. From simple background music systems to dedicated high performance listening rooms, our team will help you bring your space to life.


Video / Cinema / Theater

We believe that there is a better way to provide entertainment. Environments that are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and satisfying from all angles, and precisely designed to provide an optimal cinematic experience.


Security / Surveillance / Life Safety

Consistent peace of mind knowing the things held most dear to you are protected and secure, being able to manage, monitor and check in from wherever, whenever, providing the ultimate sense of security.


Lighting Control

Lighting technology that is smart, simple and elegant. An integral part of any environment that will bring your space to life, creating depth and evoking emotion, not only enhancing but embracing your lifestyle.


Shades / Blinds / Window Treatments

Perfectly fit for your lifestyle. With a simple, integrated, intelligent system and unlimited personalization and customization, our treatments will control the natural light of your environment, creating an aesthetically pleasing look and feel.


Energy Management Solutions

Maximize efficiency, convenience and enhanced levels of comfort within and throughout your environment. Customize and enjoy your space without limitation.


Automation / Network / IT

Seamless intelligent integration and thoughtful design all culminate to provide simplicity and effortless style to any setting. We'll create a personalized and enhanced lifestyle experience that's tailored just for you.


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Call 406.586.5593, fill out this form, or email info@savinc.net to learn how SAV Digital Environments can enhance your home or business. Current clients with service requests, please fill out the SAVCare form below.

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