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SAV Alarm

Consistent peace of mind knowing the things held most dear to you are protected and secure, being able to manage, monitor and check in from wherever, whenever, providing you absolute control of your security.


Whether you are a home owner, small business or large commercial enterprise, SAV Alarm has the right security solution for you. Home or away, you can count on our solutions to help keep you safe, secure, and connected, all while providing a level of comfort, simplicity, and convenience that is second to none.

Our Promise


Despite all the time and effort invested in planning for your home or business electronics, SAV recognizes that your relationship with the technology in your home or business doesn’t begin until the day you move in. This is also the day you start the most meaningful part of your relationship with SAV. We’d like to introduce you to SAVCare – creating clients for life.


With SAVCare you are in the hands of the industry’s elite, trained to anticipate your needs and respond to your expectations. You can take comfort in knowing that you have access to ongoing support from one of the industry’s most experienced, educated and attentive service organizations.

Our primary goal is to prevent inconvenience and frustration when devices stop working. If an issue does arise, we do whatever it takes to resolve the matter promptly.

Technology plays a vital role in our lives. We interact so frequently with them that when they fail, it is a major imposition... if not an emergency. Like your car, technology endures constant wear and tear. Scheduled maintenance, routine care, and system updates are the only way to protect your custom integrations from the unexpected.

 – Eric Knez, Director of Client Services

– Brian Atkinson, Director of Client Services


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